Full Service Pest Control

One Source Pest Control provides complete professional pest control service for residential homes as well as commercial building with our customers’ needs & environmental safety in mind. Pest Control is really in the industry of public health. At One Source we understand the importance to maintain healthy disease free food sources, to minimize the amount of disease carrying rodents in residential communities, to protect our children & pets from biting, stinging, and or disease carrying insects. Pest control plays a vital role in public health & the precious balance between our health and the health of our environment.

  • We treat residential and commercial properties.

  • We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and one-time services

  • We offer environment friendly products

  • Competitive pricing

  • No job too big or small!

  • Over 12 years’ experience

  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed


Rodents and Rodent Exclusions

If unwanted house guests have got you down, One Source can help.  Because rodents can squeeze through openings larger than 1/4 of an inch in diameter, they have the ability to access homes through cracks and crevices, including where utilities enter the home and any gaps around doors and windows.   These pests are likely to nest inside walls and crawlspaces or among boxes and crates that are often found in and around residential dwellings. They gnaw on electrical wires and can harm the structure of a home as well as furnishings within.  They are also known vectors of potentially life threatening diseases.   At One Source, we understand the risks rodents pose to your home and that is why we provide highly effective rodent exclusion services that are designed to eliminate current rodent activity and prevent future mouse and rat problems.  Our focus is to protect your home and family from the dangers these pests pose.


  • Locating and sealing of all entry points

  • Expert trapping

  • Attic clean-outs

  • Removal of contaminated insulation

  • Trap checking for up to 30 days